Billy Sulima

Head coach at Uppsala Skridskoklubb. Billy is a very experienced skater and as a coach with a long professional career. He has worked as a coach in Krakow, Poland, and in Bergen and Oslo in Norway. Billy holds the Swedish Figure Skating Association’s level 4B* coaching certificate. He has also been on tour with the professional ice shows Holiday on Ice and Hollywood on Ice.

Billy speaks English, Polish and Russian.

He will work at the camp during week 1 & 2.

Tanja Isayeva

Head coach at Uppsala Skridskoklubb (USK). Tanja comes from Ukraina where she became a professional figure skating coach at the Sport University of Kiev. She competed at national level between 1974 and 1978 and worked as a trainer at the Olimpic reserve school. She was head coach at Sundsvalls KK, Timrå KK, and IFK Helsingborgs.

Tanja speaks Swedish and Russian.

She will work at the camp during week 1 & 2.

Anki Niklasson

Head coach at Uppsala Allmänna Konståkningsklubb (UAKK).

Anki has worked with figure skating as a coach (previously also as a judge) for about 20 years and has trained skaters at all levels in Uppsala and previously in Sollentuna and Vallentuna. She is responsible for the elite sports program at Celsiusskolan. She holds the level 4B coaching certificate and was nominated youth coach of the year 2016 at the Sports Gala in Uppsala. She is also a trained physiotherapist.

Anki speaks Swedish and English.

She will work at the camp during week 1.

Moa Mariedahl

Moa stared to skate at Uppsala Skridskoklubb when she was seven years old. She started to coach when she was fourteen, and she liked it better, than competing. Moa skated also in a show-group. She holds the Swedish Figure Skating Association’s level 2B* certificate. She is coaching Uppsala Skridskoklubb`synchronised skating group.

Moa speaks Swedish and English.

She works both weeks at the camp and coaches synchronised skating during week 1.

Sean Basler

Head coach at WERC Berlin, Germany. After competing in figure skating and ice dance at the highest national level as well as internationally, he studied Applied Sport Science and now works full time as a professional figure skating coach. He holds a German Figure Skating Coach License (C-Level / competitive).

Sean Speaks German and English

He will be working at the camp during week 1 & 2.

* The Swedish Figure Skating Association’s coaching accreditation ranges from level “Base” to level 4B, which is the highest level of qualification for a Swedish figure skating coach.