Welcome to Rimbo Camp 2024

Uppsala Skridskoklubb — Uppsala’s oldest figure skating club — welcomes you to an annual figure skating camp “Rimbolägret”, a summer camp with a focus on personal development and the skating community. The camp is open to all competition skaters, synchronised skaters and figure skating beginners and usually takes place in weeks 25 & 26 (Period 1: June 16th – 20th ; Period 2: June 24th – 28th). The signing up for the sleep-over camp is now closed. We offer day camp week 26. we have a few sleep-over places left during week 26. If you are interested please send an email to: rimbo@uppsalask.se

The small town of Rimbo, to the north of Stockholm, offers an ice rink, accommodation and a dance studio right on a picturesque lakeside with a wonderful beach and sports fields. The camp participants stay on site in rooms that are literally wall to wall with the ice rink. Being able to have everything in one place provides huge advantages in terms of our the daily activities, as well as from a security point of view

Get yourself ready for a wonderful experience with fun, sun, and fantastic figure skating!

Welcome to a figure skating camp with real camp feeling, we look forward to seeing you!