Planning and negotiations for the 2019 coaches are ongoing, we’ll update this page as soon as everything is ready!

Coaches in 2019

Billy Sulima

Head coach at Uppsala Skridskoklubb. Billy is a very experienced skater and as a coach with a long professional career. He has worked as a coach in Krakow, Poland, and in Bergen and Oslo in Norway. Billy holds the Swedish Figure Skating Association’s level 4B* coaching certificate. He has also been on tour with the professional ice shows Holiday on Ice and Hollywood on Ice.

Billy speaks English, Polish and Russian.

He will work at the camp during week 1 & 2 and may even train pair skating.

Sophie Blomqwist

Coach and skater at Uppsala Skridskoklubb. Sophie has trained and competed as both an individual skater and in ice dance in Sweden and Russia. Sophie also works as a skating choreographer.

Sophie speaks Swedish, English and Russian.

She will work at the camp during week 1 & 2 and may help with choreographies and ice dance.

Tina MacConnell

Head coach at Gjøvik Kunstløpklubb, Norway. She has also coached at camps in Hamar and Obersdorf. During her competitive skating career Tina participated in 8 Norwegian championships and has taken a gold and a bronze medal.

Tina speaks Norwegian and English.

She will be working at the camp during week 2.

Josephine Vilenius

Coach at Mälardalens konståkningsklubb and former competitive skater. She commenced her coaching career in 2013 and holds the Swedish Figure Skating Association’s level 3A* coaching certificate. In addition to her role as a coach, Josephine is a student in the coaching programme at The Swedish School of Sport and Health Science, with figure skating as her specialisation. She will complete her Bachelor’s degree in sport science this summer.

Josephine speaks Swedish, English and Finnish.

She works at the camp during week 1.

Alexander Backlund

Coach at Uppsala Skridskoklubb. Alexander has previously competed for Gävle KK and won gold in the Swedish championships in pair skating 2014. Since 2012 he also works as a coach and has been with Uppsala SK since 2017. He holds the Swedish Figure Skating Association’s level 2B* coaching certificate and is a licensed technical specialist.

Alexander speaks Swedish and English.

He will work at the camp during week 1 & 2 and may even train pair skating.

Marielle Gustavsson

Studied at the Iwanson International School Of Contemporary Dance in Munich, one of Europe's leading academies for modern dance. Marielle has worked as a dancer and choreographer all over Germany and the rest of Europe. She went on several tours to train with different dance companies and choreographers, taking her to places like Paris, Barcelona, Prague, London or Zürich. In 2017 she graduated as dance pedagogue from the Dans och Cirkushögskolan in Stockholm. Today she works as a dance teacher in both Stockholm and Uppsala, teaching modern, jazz, lyrisk jazz, partnering & akrobatik dance.

Marielle speaks Swedish, English, German and Danish.

She will work at the camp during week 1 & 2.

* The Swedish Figure Skating Association’s coaching accreditation ranges from level “Base” to level 4B, which is the highest level of qualification for a Swedish figure skating coach.